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Catering Services for Large Events in London

Hosting a grand event with hundreds or even thousands of guests necessitates a meticulous approach not just towards the delectable dishes but the holistic dining experience. Every element, from the gleaming tableware and pristine glassware to the adept waiting staff and chefs with an undeniable passion, plays a pivotal role. Additionally, the importance of securing fresh, seasonally-inspired ingredients can’t be understated.

G&D have worked with numerous HNW and celebrity clients, from Tom Hardy to Robert Cavalli, Seal to Ellie Goulding, and have been featured in all of the popular press. Please contact us for further details or any press enquiries.

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Balancing these multifaceted needs with the larger demands of event management can be overwhelming. But fear not, for G&D is your culinary maestro, ensuring that each detail of our catering services for large events is executed to perfection. While you bask in the event’s glow, we take pride in orchestrating the gastronomic ballet, ensuring your guests leave with satiated palates and cherished memories.


At G&D, we don’t merely cater; we curate bespoke culinary experiences. Recognizing that every event has a distinct personality, we excel in crafting tailored menus that seamlessly blend with your theme. Whether it’s a grand gala dinner or a chic cocktail gathering, our seasoned chefs and mixologists liaise closely with you, ensuring the menu mirrors your preferences and stays within your budgetary confines. Our repertoire extends beyond the mains to encompass elegant entrées, innovative cocktails, lavish desserts, and appetising bites, each curated to tantalise taste buds. Utilising only premium ingredients, our dishes exude quality and charm.


But what truly sets G&D’s catering services for large events apart is our unwavering dedication to delivering an exceptional dining experience. Every plate we present, every cocktail we mix, encapsulates our commitment to quality, aesthetics, and impeccable service. Entrust us with your catering needs, and witness your event transform into a culinary odyssey that resonates with your guests long after the curtains fall.

What We've Done

G&D offers the assurance of organising your ideal event with confidence. Here are various case studies showcasing our expertise in executing events of different shapes and sizes, providing a comprehensive overview of our work.