Unleash Your Inner Pirate and Set Sail

A hugely successful launch party of our favourite tipple, Captain Morgan Spiced. G&D event planners created a tropical paradise in London to capture the brand’s (ehem) spirit. The immersive decor and attention to detail left an impactful impression on attendees, resulting in a product launch that our clients and their very happy customers will never forget.

Services Offered

Who can say no to an offer from Captain Morgan? The aim was to capture the essence of the brand and create a marketing event aimed at a group of celebrities and influencers. We were asked to create an environment that would effectively showcase the new merchandise and leave a lasting impression on attendees.


How We Delivered


We discussed options with our client and were incredibly excited to present the case for a new tropical paradise in London! We agreed to aim it at the mover, shakers, celebrities, and influencers, and to create a postcard of an unforgettable tropical world. Our event design team went all out with the décor, incorporating real sand, a pirate ship installation as the bar, and palm trees adorned with real palm fronds. The waiting staff were outfitted in floral skirts, flip flops, and leis around their necks, creating a truly immersive tropical experience. The venue was carefully crafted to represent the brand’s spirit and values, with every detail on point. The ambiance was perfect, with attendees feeling like they had been transported to a beautiful tropical haven.


All the effort paid off with the product launch being a resounding success. Attendees were impressed by the tropical paradise and the brand’s direct connection to it, leaving an aftertaste as delicious as the product we were promoting.

What We've Done

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