Magnifique French Riviera Wedding

The couple planned a grand wedding in the French Riviera, featuring a combined stag and hen party, wedding ceremony, and an afterparty with world-class entertainment. The beautiful château venue with spectacular gardens and romantic 3D projection of the couple’s love story makes it a memorable occasion for all.

Services Offered

A grand wedding that took place in the couple’s favourite location on earth – The French Riviera. The dream was to have all their nearest and dearest fly over from various countries to witness and celebrate their marriage over 3 days. Starting with a combined stag and hen party, the wedding day, and then the afterparty the following day.



How We Delivered


The wedding planning started with venue sourcing for all 3 party spots and guests’ accommodations. With many hotels, castles, clubs, and bars visited, the dream was shaping up to be a reality. Venues were in place and secured. Next on the agenda – make sure all the guests were able to get there. Flights, transfers, and hotels are booked, followed by sourcing world-class entertainment. From gospel singers and string quartet to unique styled juggler and aerials performers; this couple had the desire to keep their guests entertained at every given opportunity.


After traveling and relaxing in the summer’s sun for the day, the couple and their guests arrive for the beginning of the celebrations, which started on a rooftop hotel bar overlooking the Côte d’ Azur. A low-key affair with canapés, drinks, ice breaker games, and a bit of dancing. The perfect chilled start to build excitement for the big day.

The following morning – the wedding day! All the guests knew were to be at the pick-up point at a certain time for a coach to collect them – the location of the wedding venue was top secret due to the couples high-profile. It was a social media black-out with high security to ensure paparazzi couldn’t invade their most precious and private day.


The venue was a beautiful Châteaux with spectacular gardens and terraces that overlook the Mediterranean Sea and bay. The ceremony was within the walled gardens, surrounded by landscaped plants and exotic flowers. The guest was seated in rows on either side of a full floral arch that stretched from the bottom of the aisle all the way to the top, where the groom waited with the celebrant, for his soon-to-be wife who was arriving by horse and cart.


From the ceremony, guests were ushered to one of the sea-view terraces for drinks and canapés. Following that, the wedding breakfast was ready to be served in the courtyard in front of the Châteaux. Round tables for the guests, and one long top table for the bridal party.



At the wedding, the bride surprised her husband with a 3D projection of their love story on the castle façade, along with a gospel group singing their favourite song. The party continued with music, dancing, and food.


The next day, guests received a personalised ‘recovery kit’ for their hotel rooms, and more information on the location for the final hurrah – A beach bar. Much like the first day, this was a low-key and chilled after-party-feel event. Drinks, food and beach-themed vibes throughout the afternoon into the evening. A moment to remember how spectacular the day before was.

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