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Conferences aren’t just mere assemblies; they’re the vibrant crossroads where ideas, innovation, and inspiration meet. They can ignite fresh perspectives or breathe life into existing concepts. Our forte at G&D Events is sculpting such impactful moments that not only enlighten but also enthral every attendee. From orchestrating sessions with world-renowned keynote speakers to curating interactive workshops and dynamic breakout sessions, our vision is a conference that is both intellectually stimulating and genuinely enjoyable.

Conference Venue Planners In London


Embarking on the journey of conference planning might seem daunting, even overwhelming at times. However, with G&D Events by your side, you’re not alone. Our seasoned team, fortified with years of experience, is poised to alleviate all challenges of conference planning. Our commitment? To curate an event that stands out, leaves a mark, and resonates with every attendee.


Connect. Collaborate. Innovate


Our process begins by immersing ourselves in your vision. By understanding your goals, aspirations, and nuances, we can refine our search for the ideal conference venues London offers, ensuring the location is in harmony with your objectives. Our team of skilled designers then set the stage, literally and figuratively, ensuring it’s visually compelling. Meanwhile, our branding maestros work meticulously to ensure that every facet of the event radiates your brand’s ethos.


With G&D Events, technology isn’t an afterthought—it’s integral. Utilising state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, we aim to captivate and hold the attention of your audience. Our brigade of professional photographers and videographers remain vigilant, chronicling every enlightening discussion, every shared laughter, ensuring that the essence of your conference is immortalised.


But that’s not all. We recognize that details matter. From gourmet catering that tantalises taste buds to prestigious awards that acknowledge brilliance; from meticulously crafted print materials to eloquently penned scripts — our commitment to excellence is unwavering. The objective? To orchestrate a conference in one of the many illustrious conference venues London boasts, leaving an indelible mark on every participant.

What We've Done

G&D offers the assurance of organising your ideal event with confidence. Here are various case studies showcasing our expertise in executing events of different shapes and sizes, providing a comprehensive overview of our work.