Musical Theatre Themed Awards

A themed annual gala event around the glitz of West-End musicals and honouring Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. With four spaces transformed into regal playgrounds, G&D conquered tight deadlines and security hurdles, crafting jaw-dropping decor and immersive experiences.

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Experience the epitome of elegance and celebration at the Gala Christmas Lunch Awards Ceremony and after-party hosted at the O2 Intercontinental. This prestigious event honoured the legendary composer and impresario, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, with an outstanding Lifetime Achievement in Musicals. With over 900 esteemed guests from the music publishing and wider industry, the occasion featured surprise performances by West End icon Marti Webb, The Feeling, and a comedic set by BAFTA-award winner Aisling Bea.


Despite being the 63rd annual event, it marked a new chapter in a new venue. The client’s vision for a West End musical-themed extravaganza delivered a wow factor, exuding glamour, luxury, and boundless fun





How We Delivered

In internal shifts within the company, the departure of its event manager left our client’s flagship event in disarray just weeks before its scheduled date. However, a stroke of luck came in the form of a remarkable freelance event manager poised to save the day. With swift precision, the freelancer event planner convened a meeting with the pre-booked venue and swiftly put forth a winning proposal for the decor and styling of the event.


The event served as the annual Christmas awards ceremony for the music industry. This year held particular significance as one of the awards was bestowed upon Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, instantly inspiring the theme of West-End musicals.


Spanning across four distinct spaces – the drinks reception, VIP area, main awards ceremony ballroom, and the after-party – G&D were tasked with infusing each area with an air of aristocratic elegance blended seamlessly with exuberant festivity.


Given the time constraints and the vastness of the spaces, we exclusively collaborated with reputable suppliers whom we have cultivated trusted relationships with over the years. With tight schedules and the added pressure of our proximity to the iconic O2 Arena, adhering to strict timelines and security protocols was imperative.




The drinks reception areas boasted minimal yet impactful decor, capitalising on the breathtaking Thames view. With this area only being used for just one hour, we opted for understated elegance, featuring on-theme seating plans, sponsor logo walls for photo opportunities, and striking tragedy masks subtly hinting at the theme. The VIP area mirrored this aesthetic, complemented by two grand Christmas trees fully decorated with musical notes and gold twinkling lights.


Guiding our florist with a vision of theatre, grandeur, and show-stopping beauty, they delivered magnificently. Two colossal displays of red roses in opulent gold urns graced either side of the Ballroom entrance, adding a touch of grandeur to the festivities.




Inside the main room, in collaboration with the hotel’s in-house production team, we transformed the stage into a spectacle reminiscent of a grand theatre. Rich, deep red drapes with luxurious gold rope evoked a sense of theatrical splendour. Table centrepieces, individually lit in gold, comprised a mix of towering candelabras and elegant table lamps.


As the evening culminated in the ballroom, brimming with celebrity entertainment and gastronomic delights, guests transitioned seamlessly to the after-party. Located just a floor below, another ballroom awaited its metamorphosis.


The directive was clear – transform the hotel ballroom into a vibrant party haven while staying true to the theme. Festoon lighting enveloped the space, casting a warm glow, while a centrally located LED-lit circular bar. The stage, full with multiple screens playing film versions of West-End shows on loop, served as the focal point. A starlit dance floor and interactive activities such as a karaoke sing pod and a 360 photo booth added to the jovial atmosphere. Large silhouettes of top theatre shows adorned the walls, accompanied by stage props and dynamic lighting, creating an immersive experience.


The event was an unequivocal success, garnering such acclaim that we’ve secured a repeat booking for the next event.

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