Step Through the Wardrobe and Into a Magical World

A company Christmas party themed after the magical world of Narnia, with a drinks reception in a country house and a wardrobe and forest walkway leading guests to a snow-filled wonderland. The heavily themed venue featured Aslan, Tumnus, and the Snow Queen, creating a truly memorable experience. The client was thrilled with the production and execution of the theme, and all guests were surprised and delighted.

Services Offered

G&D events theming team was tasked with organising a Christmas party for 500 staff members from a large retail firm, a returning client. With a desire to break away from the traditional nightclub setting and create something truly special, We took on the challenge of finding a new and exciting venue, a blank canvas for transforming into a magical land. A stunning country house that provided the perfect backdrop for the festivities.


How We Delivered


We went above and beyond in creating a truly magical experience for the guests. They chose a theme inspired by the beloved story of Narnia, transforming the venue into a winter wonderland complete with Aslan, Tumnus, and the Snow Queen. The journey began with a drinks reception in the cozy country house, complete with traditional Chesterfield sofas and warm lighting. From there, guests were led through a wardrobe and a forest walkway, finally arriving at the snow-filled wonderland that awaited them.


The heavily themed venue was a magical backdrop for a memorable Christmas party. Guests were utterly surprised and delighted by the incredible attention to detail in the theming, catering, and entertainment. The production and execution of the Narnia theme was a huge success, and the client was thrilled with the outcome. Overall, G&D exceeded expectations and delivered an unforgettable event.


What We've Done

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