Engagement House Party

The Party Planners Bring Ibiza to London


An Ibiza Love Affair

A high-end engagement party for a special client who wanted to celebrate with close friends and family. G&D Party Planners transformed the client’s home into the ultimate party destination. It was an Ibiza-styled evening with nightclub lighting, bespoke cocktails, and lots of fabulous food. The party had the most flamboyant entertainers, including a fire dancer, a massage station, and a grand ice sculpture sushi bar.

Services Offered

The client wanted to celebrate their engagement in style with close friends and family, and where better than their own beautiful home? However, it needed to be something more than just dinner with friends. The G&D Party Planners team discussed what they loved most in life, showed them the options, and agreed to turn their home into a true Ibiza party destination, with a twist of fire and ice!


How We Delivered


Home is where the heart is, with the added bonus of not having far to go when the sun rises and the birds sing! G&D arranged a grand ice sculpture sushi bar, and bespoke cocktails were created especially for the party to add a personalised touch. The lighting was carefully designed to create a mega club-like atmosphere, and the furniture was chosen to reflect the client’s sophisticated taste. The G&D Party planners also took care of the event planning and coordination, ensuring that every detail was handled with the utmost care.


The guests were wowed by the Ibiza-style entertainment, which included fantastic DJs, a funky saxophonist, and crazy dancers. The atmosphere was electric, and the party went on well into the early hours of the morning. And the best bit… when our clients woke their own beds their very own Ibiza mega club had turned back into their beautiful home. G&D delivered another unforgettable party.

What We've Done

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